Sunday, October 14, 2007

E&C and baby go to the Texas State Fair

So we spent the day on Sunday at the Texas State Fair. It is the capital of the fried, unhealthy, expensive, but delicious foods. This is the largest ferris wheel in Texas ( I think). You can ride it but it's really not worth. I don't think you actually make it 1 entire revolution. It's mostly stop and go, stop and go, but somethine I guess you have to try once. We rode it a few years ago... I took this picture on the Texas Skyway, a old yet new attraction this year to the fair. Another ride to try once. It costs $6 (12 tickets) to ride this and it takes you from the front of the fair to the back of the fair. When you get there, you can get off or ride it back. It takes less than 5 minutes from one end to the other. Also, you can't ride alone if you have 2 people. With this ride and the ferris wheel, you have to share the "compartment". BOO.
Our first stop of the day! CORNDOGS!!!!!!


jane October 15, 2007 at 12:23 AM  

is that first picture of caohien...or mollie? i can't tell.

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