Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Top 10 Questions

Here are the answers to the top 10 questions we've been asked:
1. When are you due?
May 22, 2008

2. Was this planned?
yes and no

3. Do you want a boy or girl?
Endren wants a girl and Caohien wants a boy, but as long as he or she is healthy, we're happy

4. Have you picked out names?
we have some names in mind that we like ...we'll see once we find out the sex

5. Are you going to find out the sex?

6. When will you find out?
probably in late December or January

7. Do you have any morning sickness or symptoms?
Nope!! So far, I'm one of the lucky few.....

8. Is Caohien excited?

9. Are your families excited?
yes...this baby will the first grandchild on both sides and first greatgrandchild as well! This baby has excited first time aunts and uncles!

10. Any weird cravings?
not comes in phases. This week's yummy food is salad and baked potatoes. So far...still no chicken!

Have any more questions? Feel free to ask!


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