Monday, January 21, 2008

Stroller shopping

To celebrate MLK Bday and a day off from work, Caohien and I went stroller shopping today to check out the gazillion strollers that are out there. I figured with him there, we could test out the strollers and play with how they collapse and fold etc. Glad he was with me......because this is what he did. This was a Maxi-Cosi stroller that was nice that was kinda like a Bugaboo stroller. However, folding this thing up and putting it up together was not so easy. We took it apart and couldn't get it back together. So Caohien just left it like this in the middle of the aisle.
There was a display of the entire line at the endcap and one of the employees was trying to show another mom how to fold it and put it back together. Apparently he wasn't successful either because this is how he left it. Just like that.

So looks like we won't be purchasing this one.


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