Wednesday, April 9, 2008 nose!

So today while at work, as I was talking to one of my techs, she so kindly said in the middle of our conversation..."Endren, your nose has gotten bigger!" I was blown away as I have been waiting for the day for my nose to SPREAD! The day was going to come eventually. They say especially if you are having a boy, (Thanks Collin), that your nose will spread and get wider. I know my nose is always red now which isn't all that attractive either, but now it's NOSE IS RED AND WIDE!!! Daddy Tran says that it's ok, it will help me breathe better.

here it WAS...
Here is it NOW! WHOOOAAAAAA!! (plus a few extra pounds =( unfortunately) but Daddy's will always be bigger...and so will Mollie's!

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