Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Job Daddy

This weekend mommy had a girls day out on Saturday...she got to watch Sex in the City, go to the spa, and have a nice dinner at Nobu. That means...daddy had to stay home and watch Collin all day long. This was the first time mommy was away from Collin and the first time daddy was alone with Collin for that long a time. Daddy did a great job...with the help of ong noi, ba noi, and aunt Cao. This means...mommy gets more "mommy time"! But everything comes with a that means... daddy gets to go golfing.

Anyways, on Sunday, we went to the Northpark mall. We went to try Orange Cup... a Pinkberry knock off. It was pretty good. But of course, right when we sat down to eat, Collin decided to wake up and scream! Here is daddy trying to feed Collin, but he didn't want the bottle.
Northpark actually has a designated nursing room (in addition to the men's and women's bathroom and family bathroom). So we went in there so Collin could eat. He was happy boy after that. All malls should have a designated nursing room since malls are usually filled with moms and babies during the day.
Collin found his hands a few weeks ago and is playing more and more with them.


Jane June 24, 2008 at 7:49 AM  

collin looks like hes throwing up gang signs.

Must get that from his daddy.

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