Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend of Festivals

There were so many festivals going on this weekend! Luckily after a million days of rain...ok maybe like 14 days... we finally got a break just in time for all festivities. On Thursday night, we went to Oktoberfest for lots of German beer and Bratwursts. No pictures though.

On Friday, we went to Plano's Annual Balloon Festival. Unfortunately due to the weather, they didn't launch any balloons. Then after it gets dark, when the balloons would normally come back, they display all the balloons and light them up. We at least got to see them blow up some of the balloons. Even that was short lived.. because it was extremely windy out. So to prevent a balloon fire, they blew them up and then they came down pretty quickly. Anyhow- Collin was excited to see the balloons and we had a good time.

Today, we visited Grapevine for their annual Grapefest. It was sunny and hot today even though it was only around 83 degrees. It was our first time there. They had wine tastings, lots of food and activities. Collin even got his dance on listening to the live music but no wine for the little guy.

We watched a grape stomping contest to see who could stomp out the most liquid. It was intersting...but I must admit that it didn't smell very nice though.

We enjoyed good food. Roasted corn is the BEST!!!

Caohien, Vi, and Janine wanted to prove their strength!
Caohien did 9 pull ups and got a water bottle. If you ask him- he'll tell you he did 18 of course.

Janine did 33 seconds on the arm hang and got a lanyard.

Vi did 24 pull ups for real and the highest record for today!!


Anonymous September 21, 2009 at 6:08 PM  

what's a lanyard? man that corn looks good!!!

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