Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Shistah Update!

Baby #2 is still nameless so we refer to her as baby sister or as Collin calls her "baby shistah". Everything is going well so far. I'm not sure if everyone is aware of this, but baby sister has a 2 vessel umbilical cord instead of a 3 vessel umbilical cord. This occurs in 1% of pregnancies and is just a developmental abnormality. We found out about this a couple of months ago and we were super stressed and worried. Since then, I have been seeing a high risk doctor for this condition along with my regular OB doc. He does sonograms and checks the growth of the baby. So I saw him 2 weeks ago and baby is measuring great and on schedule. With this condition, it does put me in a high risk pregnancy catergory because the baby's growth has to be monitored. With that said, starting in 2 weeks when I start my third trimester, I will be going to the doctor's office EVERY WEEK for monitoring and a sonogram. Bad part is, I have to go weekly. Good part is, I can see baby sister every week through sonogram. This pregnancy has been the total opposite of Collin's and has definitely been a roller coaster ride, but it should all be worth it in the end.

So new likes and dislikes.

- bagel thins. these things are so awesome! just like a bagel, but thinner and not so filling.
- deli turkey meat
- cream cheese
- turkey, cream cheese and egg on a bagel thin. YUMMY! have one of these every morning.
- cheetos. who doesn't love cheetos.
- cold watermelon- eating some as I type right now.
- listening to Collin sing- he just started singing a few days ago.
- buying baby sister clothes. She already takes up half of Collin's closet.
- found of the refills on my prescription prenatal vitamin will be free for a whole year. thank you drug rep.

- Collin's trantrums- hello terrible 2's
- temperature over 85. it's supposed to be over 90 this week. boo.
- the fact the my engagement ring is TIGHT.
- onions
- inability to fall asleep at night.
- I can only sleep comfortably on my right side- then I wake up in the middle of the night with a numb right side. go figure.
- peeing every hour.
- pregnancy brain makes me lose just about every game of Words with Friends I play- and sometimes by 200 points.

That's it for now. Here's a quick video of Collin singing in the car.


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