Friday, June 4, 2010

thumbs up!

SO...since I've returned from vacation, I went to the hospital for dehyrdation and then the next day, was having excruciating pain on my right side and back. I couldn't even walk. I went back to the hopital to ensure again that I wasn't in labor. Good news is that I was not in labor and the pain is due to a possible kidney stone. There is no bladder infection or anything from the pregnancy causing me pain. They couldn't see the kidney stone on the ultasound and can't do xrays so at this point they've ruled out everything else and said just let it be. So I have to drink LOTS of water and try to flush out the stone and to keep hydrated. I've been prescribed some pain meds to help control the pain if I continue to have any. So after 2 nights of bedrest at the hospital, I am feeling 100% better and the pain has gone away for now. The baby is also doing great! She's about 3 pounds 15 ounces as of yesterday. Here's our one and only pic from this week's sono. The doctor says she's giving us a thumbs up. kinda weird..i know. I don't even really think that's a hand but hey..this is coming from the high risk doc so I have to trust him.


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