Friday, May 2, 2008

If the shoe fits....wear it!


The following post contains some graphic photos of swollen feet. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The joys of pregnancy! My ankles, feet, hands, and face are getting more swollen by the day. I hope this is a sign that Collin will make his appearance soon...because I can't stand this any longer. The swollen feet hurt and start tingling by the end of the day. Despite keeping them elevated, I wake up and they are already swollen. Mind you, my size 6.5 feet have grown 1 size bigger plus wider!

Anyhow, today as I was getting ready to run errands, I decided I didn't want to wear flip flops because they hurt my feet and I thought by wearing them, it gave my feet more room to swell. So decided to put some socks and tennis shoes on... well what do you know....
not so cute in ankle socks
definitely not this pair...
or this one.
getting just a bit closer...
finally squeezed into these 20 minutes later.
Ugh! Cankles are so gross.So I ran my errands and 3 hours later, my feet were feeling okay...however still swollen. So to enjoy the beautiful 80 degree weather, I went outside to the pool to soak my feet. The cold water felt really good.... but didn't really help the swelling much.
Oh well......just a few more weeks to incubate this boy and hopefully the swelling will go down and I can return to my size 6.5 feet. I did hear that some people never return to their pre pregnancy size. YIKES! We'll deal with that when that time comes.

Here's me and Mollie enjoying the day nonetheless.


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