Thursday, May 13, 2010

28 weeks

Officially in my 3rd trimester already. That was fast! So today I went for my first weekly screening. They did a sonogram to check the cervix, placenta, amniotic fluid, and heart. They also watch for the baby movements and to see if she's breathing. Then I get hooked up to a fetal monitor that checks the baby's heart rate and measures for contractions. I also have a trigger button which I push every time I felt any movement. I'm on this monitor for about 20 minutes.

So today, baby looked good. They are nice enough to show me a 3d image of the baby but her hand was covering her face today so no picture. She's a shy little one. From what I saw, she looks like daddy. but they all do in 3d. weird huh?

baby's profile. the last pic is of the face. it's not a skeletor looking as some of the earlier sonos.

all hooked up.

it's pretty boring. It was making me so sleepy just listening to the heart beat.

trigger to push when I feel movement. see... i was bored.

daddy is bored too but he wanted to see what I was doing. He was catching up on the latest gossip on brad pitt.


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